Fixtures & Chemicals

Patient Bed
Semi Fowler/ Fixed Fowler Beds
Pool next to palm trees
Food Tables
Blue tint pool photo
Labour Tables
Ball in a pool
OT Tables
Pool pad
Woman inside pool
Medicine Trollies
Pool side
Medicine Trollies
Dressing Drum
Dressing Drums
Technician 2
Instrument Trays
Technician 3
Kidney Trays
3 Sided curtain
Curtain Screens
Patient stool
Patient Stools
IV stand
I.V. Stands
X Ray Screen
X-Ray View Boxes
Big swimming pool in spacious house
Cidex Trays
Big swimming pool in spacious house
Stature Meters
Hijama Cups
Hijama Cups
White and grey concrete building near swimming pool under clear sky during daytime
I.V. Sets
doctor injecting cannula
Cannulas & Fixators