Adopt Natural Way To Detox Your Body

Your Daily Dose of Health:

"Detoxing your body is like hitting the reset button and giving yourself a fresh start.” 


Toxins can harm your body and your health over a period of time.

Hard Fact

Why we need to detox 


Its Important

The rising level of air, water, and land pollution leads us to be exposed from various toxins in our body from various sources.

Impact of Toxins in our body 


The accumulation of toxins impact our immune system and the irregularity in digestion can lead to exhausted, bloated and with major mood swings. 

Benefits of Detox could include  


Promote weight loss, boost in immunity, better hormonal balance, and better and more hydrated skin 

Ways To Detox  includes

Adopt the Practices of Ayurveda





Have A Detox Day After a party/ Celebration 

Include Healthy Eating Habits

Fasting a day in a week

Include Herbal Tea In Your Diet