Almond  Oil

A natural Makeup Remover

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One of the biggest winter oil trends this year has been to  almond oil. Let’s see why...


The skin moisturiser

By applying regularly almond oil makes your skin glowing and help to retain your natural attractiveness.

100%  natural and great aid in winter to prevent dry or itchy skin.



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1: Almond Oil is gentle and delicate on skin 

2: Makes the skin light and non-greasy.

Eye make Up Remover: 

When it comes to remove eye liner or mascara, it is challenging to use cleanser. Use almond oil on a cotton swab to remove it effectively.

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Prep Time: 5 Min

 2-3 drops Almond Oil 1/2 Teaspoon Aloe Vera gel  How to make: Transfer the aloe vera gel and almond oil in a bowl  Stir them thoroughly to combine them  Natural Make up remover is ready


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How to Use:

Easy way: Apply 2-3 drops on your palm. Apply it to the entire face and rub gently near the eyes and nose. Use a cotton swab along with rose water to wipe of.

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