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Expert’s Tips For Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr Namita Pandey- Breast Onco says:  It is not only to raise the awareness of individuals but also the practical steps that can be part of normal life to prevent Breast Cancer

“ Instead of focusing on How to treat breast cancer,  Focus should be placed on the prevention"

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There is evidence supporting the direct connection between the amount of alcohol consumption and the incidence of sure in breast cancer.

1. Limit Alcohol Consumption:

 Include a healthy lifestyle where it becomes essential to include regular workouts, and a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and whole grains. This helps in the prevention of any type of Cancer.

Healthy Lifestyle:

If a female has a chance then the breastfeeding should be done. It is because when one breastfeed


Prioritize breast Cancer Screening: Tools like mammograms, and clinical breast exams can detect abnormalities that might help in early diagnosis.

Know your Family Medical History: Genetic counseling and testing can help in early detection

Chronic stress has been associated with several health conditions that include high chances of developing cancer. Take mindful techniques like stress management techniques like meditation, yoga etc.

Stress Mangement:

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