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By Komal Mahajan

Hello readers! Welcome to Healwell Surgitech, We care for your loved ones. Today in this blogpost we will talk about the Foley Catheter. The thin, flexible tubes that are inserted into the bladder to drain the urine.

They are used in various situations, From managing urinary incontinence to post surgical drainage. And if your doctor has prescribed the bardia Foley catheter you might be wondering where to find one.

in this product post today we will walk through to know everything about bardia foley catheter from its features benefits and where to find them and how to use the effectively .

Foley Catheter

What is Bardia Foley Catheter?   

Bardia Foley Catheter is a thin flexible tube inserted into the bladder to drain in the urine. The common situations to use the catheter is :

  • Manage Urinary Catheter: When you have trouble completely emptying the bladder or experience involuntary leakage
  • Post Surgical Drainage: To drain urine after surgery, while healing the surgical area.
  • Urinary retention: When your bladder is unable to be empty completely on its own.

Why To Choose Bardia Foley Catheter

Bardia Catheter stand out for several reasons:

  • Comfort: The special silicone elastomer coating on Bardia catheter will minimise the friction which reduces the discomfort during the insertion and wear.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection: The same coating helps to prevent the encrustation on the catheters which can contribute to UTI’s
  • Smooth Design: The smooth tip and the atraumatic eyes on the catheters ensure the easier insertion and minimise the risk of irritation and blockage.
  • Variety of Options: Bardia Catheter come in different  size, lengths and configurations to suit individual needs.

Understanding  Bardia Foley Catheter Options:

Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to consider when choosing a catheter:

  • French Size: This number indicates the catheter diameter. Generally, a higher French size indicates a larger diameter catheter. Reach out the doctors that recommend the appropriate size based on your anatomy and specific needs.
  • Length: Measured in centimeters (cm), the catheter length needs to be suitable for reaching the bladder comfortably
  • Number of Drainage Channels:
  • 2 way Catheter: This is most common type with one balloon for inflation to keep the catheter in place and channel for urine drainage
  • 3 way Catheter: This type has a addition channel for irrigation, allowing fluid to be flushed through bladder to prevent the blockage

To Use Bardia Foley Catheter Safely:

Since it is crucial to understand that Bardia catheter are medical devices, proper insertion and care are essential to prevent complications. Some of key points to remember.

  • Catheter Insertion: Only a healthcare professional trained in aseptic technique should insert or remove a Bardia catheter.
    • Catheter Care: Following insertion the healthcare provide will instruct you on maintain catheter hygiene, include cleaning insertion site and the drainage bag
    • Potential Complications: While Bardia catheter are designed for comfort and safety, some potential complication can occur such as UTI’s, blockage or irritation. Be aware of signs and symptoms and report any concerns

Living with a Bardia Foley Catheter:

Many people who use Bardia catheters for extended periods can maintain a good quality of life. Here are some tips for managing catheters:

  • Maintain a fluid intake : Drink plenty of fluid to prevent UTI and keep the catheter functional properly
  • Empty Drainage Bag Regularly: Follow your doctor’s instruction on how to empty drainage bag to avoid overflow and potential leakage
  • Skin Care: Pay close attention to skin around insertion site to prevent irritation and infection. Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Active Lifestyle: With proper management, a catheter shouldn’t limit your activity level. Discuss with professionals about maintaining an active lifestyle.

Where to find the Bardia Foley Catheter:

  • Durable Medical Equipment Supplier:  These specialised companies provide medical equipment for home use.
  • Online Medical Supply Stores: There are several online retailers that offers bardia catheters.

Related Reads:

Q: What is a Folley Catheter used for?

Ans:  It is a soft indwelling catheter. It has a soft , plastic or rubber tube that is inserted int the bladder to drain the urine.

Que: How long can Foley catheter stay in?

Ans: The valve can be opened to allow the urine to be drained into the toilet and it can be closed to allow the bladder to be filled until drainage is conveinient. In general recommendation, indwelling catheter are not suitable to be in place longer than 3 months.

Que: Can Foley catheter damage the bladder?

Ans: Urinary bladder perforation is considered to be a rare complication. It can occur due to pelvic or abdominal trauma.

Is it safe to walk with Foley Cathetor?

Ans: Make Sure that you should not step on the tubing of the foley catheter when you walk in. Try to curl the tubing and hold it in your hand , else you can hold the tube with your clothing. Try to avoid the loop in.

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