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By Komal Mahajan

Mouse Shoulder Pain

Working for long hours on digital screens can lead to pain in the shoulder area. We call this poor posture. A poor desk setup, stiff and inflexible bodies, and too much time spent in the same position can create a mouse shoulder.

But don’t worry we can provide you with the right exercises for relief.  These exercises will improve the activation, awareness, and strength around the shoulder area.  You can feel that the regular performance of the exercise can help in the migraine and headaches too.


  • Severe pain in the shoulder while using the computer mouse

  • A pain extending throughout the arm, all the way to yourhads

  • Tightness stemming from your upper back or shoulder

  • Headaches

  • A weak feeling in the hand

  • Numbness in your handMouse shoulder Symptoms


Since it is a pain that develops in several weeks or months,. But once established, it can take around four to six weeks to fully recover from mild shoulder pain. You can consult a physiotherapist if it is prolonged.

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  • Try to use these self-help techniques, which could be useful in mouse shoulder conditions.
  • Try to use a trackball or marble mouse and bring it closer to you. The research has shown that holding the mouse with the arm less than 10 degrees abducted from the body can reduce commercial activity by a factor of 25 to 60%.
  • Add various types of varieties to your desk and work practices. the different designs of mice between the members of your office, swap them around every week or so with your teammates.

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  • Try to move your position regularly. If possible, rather than to write the emails and call, try to reach and take to them in person
  • Activities like racket sports swimming, pilates, archery, or bell ringing help to use the upper back muscles.
  • Self-massage: A small tennis ball in socks can make a good and cheap alternative to expensive self-massagers

Directions: Shoulder-Mouse Exercise:

exercise positions for mouse shoulder


Step I : Bend the elbows to 45 degrees and take them underneath the shoulder to the other side.

Step II:  Try to squeeze the muscles of your shoulder.

Step III: Blow the chest up and hold breadth for 2-3 minutes.

Step IV:  Come to your normal position, repeat this for 10 times.

Step V: Repeat his exercise three times a day.


Step I: Start with your head and back straight.You can be seated or standing, and lower your chin towards your chest. Hold for 20–30 seconds and slowly lift your head back up.

Step II: Tilt your chin up towards the ceiling and bring the base of your skull towards the back. Try to hold for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position.

Step III: Repeat this complete set  of exercise at least 10 times.


Step I : Sit on the floor or in a chair with your head stacked above your ribs and your ribs above the pelvis. Try to clasp your hands and bring both palms to the back of your head.

Step II: Now, gently press your hands down towards your thighs, tucking your chin into your chest.

Step III: Hold the form for 20-30 seconds. Do deep breathing in and out while performing the stretch.


Step I: Bend your elbow to 45 degrees and touch your shoulder with your hand.

Step II: Try to rotate the arm in this position, doing circular motions.

Step III: Try to perform this activity with both hands. Start with a clockwise and then move to an anticlockwise direction.

Step IV: Perform the sets 4- 5 times and thrice a day.


Step I: Start with the arms by your side and raise the arm forward and up into overhead position.

Step II: Ensure to mark the position V in upward direction. Try to raise up in the air for 20-30 secs.

Step III: Repeat the steps for 3 sets.

You can watch this helpful video for better relief:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que: How do I get rid of my mouse shoulder?

Ans: Correct your mouse position! The main point is that you need to use the mouse close to your body and your elbows need to be supported to get rid of mouse’s shoulder . It is advised that you need to use chair with an armrest. Try to use different type of mouse if you are doing a lot of clicking with the mouse .

Que:How do you sit to avoid mouse shoulders?

Ans: You need to sit on a chair or you can use standing position in between while using your laptops. Try to avoid single prolonged position and do the exercise which has been mentioned above .

Que: What muscles are used in the mouse shoulder?

Ans: the arm and the shoulder muscles are used when you are doing laptop work. The shoulder and the shoulder blade are attached to the body by various muscles that are related to spine rib cage neck and the base of the back.

Que: Is heat or ice better for the mouse shoulder?

Ans: Yes, heat and ice packing can help to reduce the swelling and pain. You can avoid heat if you have tendonitis.

Que:Can mouse shoulder cause chest pain?

Ans: Yes, several imbalances can be caused by mouse shoulders. It can also hurt your back, neck, and chest muscles. even if it is ignored, it can cause damage to your nerves and tendons

Que: How do you treat mouse shoulder?

Ans: Try to do the exercises which have been mentioned: rotation of the shoulder, making of v position, and more


Mouse shoulder is not a disease but a condition of wrong posture. The corrective measures could be used to treat the condition. The exercises, like






These are some of the helpful exercises .I hope that I have provided insights into your pain. We care for you and your loved ones. To purchase various massagers,contact +91-8860904734.

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