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By Komal Mahajan

women in scrub suitIf you belong to the healthcare industry where the uniforms and clothing are essential part. This blogpost serves value to you. The purpose of uniforms is to protect employees from contaminants and to make each job easier. The symbol of professional care is revealed with a scrub suit. If you are a seasoned healthcare professional, the hygiene is the crucial factor for you.


What exactly is a scrub suit?

Scrubs suit is a specialized type of cloth worn by healthcare workers. Majorly doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals wear scrub suits. During the medical procedures medical examinations, and to perform healthcare related activities.

Beyond the practical aspects scrub hold a certain mystique. They are the symbol of dedication care and tireless effort of medical professional .

In the simplest language, it is a two-piece garment consisting of :

Tops and Pants

Tops:  Usually it consists of V neck or round neck, short sleeve or long sleeve and multiple pocket for carrying medical supplies.

Pants: The bottoms which have elastic waistband and multiple pockets for additional storage. The standard length of the pants are available which could be of the size small medium and XL.

In the medical field why scrubs are so important ?

Following are some of the key reasons :

triangle with features of scrub suit


  • Infection control: Scrub suits act as a barrier to provide spread of germs and bacteria between patients healthcare workers and their clothing
  • Comfortable fabric: the loose fitting design of the scrub suits allow for easy movement and patient examination pickups more comfortable experience for both doctor and the patient .
  • Durability and Easiness of cleaning : describe suits are usually made from durable and the easy to wash materials can be withstand with the frequent washing and exposure to body fluids .
  • Image of professionalism: scrub suits give a professional image to the hospital. The colour coding of the Scrub suit shows more professionalism

Different types of scrub suits:

Since the basic design of the scrub suit is consistent but there are some variety in the form to cater to the different needs and preferences of their healthcare workers :

  • Material: cotton and cotton blends are popular choices for predictability while synthetic blends often wrinkle resistance and durability.
  • Styles: are certain tops which can be of v-neck, crew neck, and mock neck. there are a variety of ways where pants could be drawnstring elastic or cargo style.
  • Color code: the colour of the scrubs can sometimes hold symbolic meaning. For example, green and blue scrub suits are often associated with surgeons Wildlife scrubs are commonly won by nurses. the housekeeping staff could wear the different colours like maroon or pink.

scrub suits staff

Who else wears scrub suits:

Majorly, scrap suits are associated with the medical field but it is also popular in some other fields, like

  • Dental professionals: Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants also use the scrub as a uniform which keeps the ease of movement during the procedures.
  • Veterinarians and veterinary technicians: likewise the medical professional’s wets and their technicians were scrubbed for hygiene and ease of working with animals.
  • Spa and salon professionals: aestheticians massage therapists and other spa professionals also wear scrubs for the clean appearance of their profession.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Are scrub suits resuable?

Ans: yes we can reuse the scrub suits, but make sure it should be laundered according to the instructions which usually involves hot water and drying on high heat to ensure proper disinfection or sterilization.

Q:What do you wear under scrubs?

Ans: Underneath your scrub suit you can wear comfortable breathing cloth which include t shirt tank top sports bra and brief.You can avoid to put up lose ill fitting clothes that are visible under your scrub suit.

Q:Why are scrubs so expensive?

Ans: there are several factors that are included 2 prepare a scrub which includes material, brand and features like multiple pockets cargo pants special closures which may raise the cost of scrub .

Q:What is the main purpose of scrub worn by doctor?

Ans:There are several purpose that a doctor need to wear a scrub suit like infection control ,patient comfort professionalism and durability

Q:What is difference between surgical gown and a scrub suit?

Since both is garments are born in healthcare profession but they serve different purpose :

Scrubs: they are everyday government warned by doctor nurses and other healthcare professionals in various settings . they are majorly made up of the fabric cotton or cotton blend.

Surgical Gown: surgical gowns are sterile single use garment  by surgeon and surgical staff during surgery. They they are typically made up of non woven material that are designed to provide higher level of protection against infection as compared to scrub suits

Q:Where to buy scrub suits?

You can reach out to us @ or WhatsApp at +91-8860904734 to purchase scrub suits.We have a collection of various colors and sizes as per your need.

Conclusion Take Away:
  • Scrubs are much more than just comfortable clothing they play crucial role in infection control patient comfort hygiene and professional appearance within the medical field
  • Since the scrub have been increasingly popular in various professions that require comfort ease of movement and a clean appearance
  • While choosing to purchase consider the factor like fit fabric features and durability to ensure both comfort and functionality.

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