Best Time To Wake up In The Morning: Expert’s Opinion-

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Late mornings could spell an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.  To hit the snooze button multiple times, can create irritability and compromise energy levels throughout the day.

“So, What should be last call for waking up  Or What is the most healthiest time to wake up from the bed?”

You can determine the best time to wake up depends upon your body clock, lifestyle and health.- Dr Pratik Gopsvani

In general it should be between 6 am till 8am,  as it aligns with our natural sleep wake cycles.

How many hours of sleep do you need each night? “Eight hours of sleep is universally proven as the magic number, consider your age and lifestyle too.”

What does waking up late do to the body? Habitually waking up late or maintaining an irregular sleep schedule can negatively impact overall health.  It may lead to impaired cognitive function and mood disturbances

Foods that deserve a spot in your morning routine- Consider protein rich diet to kickstart the metabolism. Consider protein source diet like eggs, yogurt and nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stay Healthy; Stay Fit